Benefits of a flow switch control.

Reading of water pressure on a blue and black pump control flow switch, connected to a Pascali Water Pump

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October 25, 2021

A flow switch control is an electronic device typically installed at the outlet of your pressure pump. These switches monitor the flow of water and trigger pre-set actions when it is needed. This is part of the complete installation and necessary for the smooth running of your system. 

– What is it for?

The pressure pump pushes water through the flow switch control, which measures the flow of water. The flow switch control has a device that measures the volume of water passing through the switch. This information is relayed to the “brain” of the switch, with preset and often adjustable parameters. 

What does it do?

With all the taps closed, the flow in your system is zero. The flow switch control will sense when a tap is opened because the flow will increase. This automatically tells the pump to start to boost the water pressure. When the tap is closed again, the flow switch control will sense that the flow has stopped, and the pump will shut down after a couple of seconds. Running the pump for a few seconds after the taps has been closed keeps the system pressurised and ready for the next time a tap opens. 

– Benefits

The flow switch control is integrated in a pressure pump system and ensures that the pressure pump switches on and off as demand requires. This happens automatically and requires no input from the user after it has been installed and set up correctly. The flow control switch also has an override switch to test the pump after maintenance work has been done. The flow control switch will also protect the pump motor from running dry, in case the water source runs out, or if there is a restriction in the inlet pipe for any reason. 

If you have any more questions or you need a qualified professional to install your pressure pump system, don’t hesitate to contact the technical people of Pascali for assistance. 

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