Pressure Pumps 101. What are the 3 different types of pressure or booster pumps available from Pascali, and how they work?

Water pressure booster pump range from Pascali

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October 5, 2021

Whatever your household water solution application requirements, there is a Pascali pressure pump for every job!

In the range of pressure or booster pumps offered by Pascali there are three main configurations, or different mechanisms by which the pumps operate, namely centrifugal pumps, peripheral pumps, and jet pumps. These categories can be subdivided further, but for simplicity’s sake we are just going to focus on these three and explain their features, and highlights.

Each one of these category pressure or booster pumps, is best suited for a specific use/purpose. The type of pumps selected, depends on the amount of pressure or volume that is required, does the pump need to transfer water uphill or downhill, diameter of the pipe etc.

There are 3 Types of Pressure Pumps or Booster Pumps in the Pascali Range:

  1. Centrifugal Pumps
  2. Peripheral Pumps
  3. Self-Priming Jet Pumps

Centrifugal Pressure Pumps

Technical Drawing of a typical Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pressure pumps with a single impeller, or set of curved vanes that push the water, are suitable for household, industrial, and civil applications, depending on the size of the pump and the motor.

The electric motor spins the impeller and through centrifugal force the water is flung to the outside of the pump housing and out the outlet with more pressure than it entered the inlet. An easy way to imagine this is the effect of water flicking off a car tyre on a wet road.

Centrifugal pumps have low maintenance costs and are simple to operate. These pumps can only operate when the pump housing is filled with water and should therefore always be installed lower than the water source, such as a tank.

Peripheral Pressure Pumps

Technical Drawing of a typical Peripheral Pump

Peripheral pressure pumps work in a similar way to centrifugal pumps, but the peripheral pump’s impeller is shaped differently and interacts with the water in a different way. Instead of an impeller with curved vanes, a peripheral pump has a solid wheel almost like a grinder disc cutting through a material.

Peripheral pumps are perfectly suited for domestic use. These pumps commonly deliver higher pressure and higher heads compared to centrifugal pumps. These pumps also have a much steeper delivery curve, meaning that as pressure increases, flow volume will decrease. This topic will be discussed in another article.

Another characteristic of peripheral pumps is that, unlike centrifugal pumps, they can pump water with a relatively high air content. These pumps should be installed below the water source. Peripheral pumps are however less efficient than centrifugal pumps.

Self-Priming Jet Pressure Pumps

Technical Drawing of a typical Self-Priming Jet Pump

Self-priming jet pressure pumps are suited to lift water from its source and can be installed above the water source. These pressure pumps are not severely affected by air pockets in the water as centrifugal pumps are. Jet pumps are suitable for domestic use, irrigation or gardens and delivers a high head. It is suitable to lift water for distribution with a low to medium pressure. The configuration of the jet pump is very similar to that of the centrifugal pump, but with the added jet assembly which aids with priming the pump.

If you are unsure of which Pascali pressure pump is best suited for your needs, please refer to the charts with each pressure pump, or consult a professional at your nearest hardware or agricultural retail store.

With Pascali, you can rest assured, you will be getting great quality. All Pascali’s pumps and motors have stainless steel motor shafts, 100% copper windings, brass impellers and cast-iron pump bodies to provide many years of hassle-free service.  Each pump is quality & performance tested before it leaves the factory floor.

Have a look at our informative video series on everything you need to know about pressure pumps!

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