Everything you need to know before selecting a water pressure booster pump.

Water pressure booster pump being explained

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October 6, 2021

No installation is identical, but with the right information in hand, selecting a water pressure booster pump for your home should be straightforward.

Every homeowner has unique challenges when it comes to managing their water-use and pressure. That is why there is a wide variety of water pressure booster pumps available on the market, each to suit a specific need. Deciding which water pressure booster pump will work best in your situation is an important step in the installation journey.

Selecting a water pressure booster pump, especially if it is your first time, can feel daunting, and technical. But armed with the right knowledge, this can be easily overcome.

Below are the important pieces of information you will need to get and consider when deciding on a water pressure booster pump.

  • DISTANCE: How far will the water have to travel from the source, be it from a rainwater tank, pond or stream?
  • WATER SOURCE POSITION: Is the water source higher or below where the water pressure booster pump will be installed?
  • PRESSURE: What is the desired pressure?
  • VOLUME: What will be the maximum amount of water that might be required?
  • POWER SUPPLY: How much power will the water pressure booster pump need, as this could affect the size of the cable?
  • USAGE: What is the water going to be used for? Is it only for household use or do you have a garden to irrigate?
  • HOUSE DESIGN: Is the house multiple stories high with one, two or more bathrooms?
  • PIPE SPECIFICATIONS: What is the size of the water pipes already installed in your system?
  • BUDGET: What is your budget or what are you willing to spend on a pump.
water pressure booster pump range from Pascali
Water Pressure Booster Pumps available from Pascali

The answers to these questions will help you decide on which water pressure booster pump will be best for your situation. A pressure pump specialist will also ask these questions to determine exactly what your needs are.

Domestic water pressure booster pumps range in size from 0,37kW delivering from 1 600 litres per hour – improving the experience in one shower – up to 2,2kW for a large household delivering up to 10 000 litres per hour.

Flow and pressure can be represented in a graph, with pressure measured in bar (or psi) on the vertical axis and flow in litres per hour on the horizontal axis. If you know what your flow and pressure requirements are, these graphs will guide you to make the right choice when it comes to a water pressure booster pump.  These graphs can be found with each Pascali pump on this website.

Each specific pump has a unique curve on the graph; some have a higher head with a lower flowrate and others will have a higher flow rate at a lower pressure. Some have steeper curves while others have a flatter curve.

When sizing a water pressure booster pump, rather opt for the larger of two applicable options, because a bigger pump will be less stressed than a pump running at full capacity to meet demand. Should your water need increase in the future, a bigger pump will also be better able to absorb it.

If all this is just still too technical, or your requirements are a bit complex, we recommend getting advice from specialists like the team from Pascali or staff at your local hardware or agricultural retail store. 

They will be able to advise you on exactly what will suit your requirements but have all the information above handy for them to make an informed recommendation.

To have a look at Pascali’s technical advisor’s top tips for selecting the best pressure pump for your needs, have a look at this video;

To contact Agrinet, Pascali Pump’s Distributor, please click HERE.

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