Top tips for selecting the right pressure pump.

Selecting the Right Pressure Pump for Your Home

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October 25, 2021

There are many choices available when you start looking at pressure pumps, but it is important to identify your specific need before committing to one. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting the right pump for your requirements. 

The first step in selecting the correct pressure pump is to know what it is going to be used for.

Over what distance will the water be moved?

The distance that the water needs to be pumped will have an influence on the size of pump you choose. The further it has to go, the stronger the pump has to be. 

What is the size of the pipe through which the water will be pumped?

The diameter of the pipe has an influence on the pressure and flow. Because the inside of the pipe causes friction that restricts flow, a larger pump may be needed to overcome the friction. 

Is the water source above or below the pump?

If you are pumping water from a stream or pond for irrigation you may have to consider a pump that has a suction capability, like a jet pump, that can lift water from the source to the pump before sending it on through your water system. 

Know the extent to which the pressure pump needs to work

Does your house have multiple stories? You will have to look at a pump with a high enough head, or the height you need to push the water, because water is affected by gravity like everything else, and your pump should be able to overcome that. 

How many outlets must the pump be able to supply at once?

Look at your household water use. Is someone going to be in the shower while the washing machine is running? Do you want to irrigate your garden while running a bath? This will have an influence on the amount of water the pump needs to be able to supply. 

How much pressure is needed?

Different designs of pumps have different pressure capabilities. Do you need a lot of pressure to operate your pop-up irrigation system, or do you need medium pressure for normal household use? 

These are all important questions and factors that will influence the type and size pressure pump that needs to be purchased.  The further the water needs to travel, the more robust the pump needs to be. Water weighs a lot and the longer the distance & the steeper the height the water needs to travel, the more pressure is put on the pump.

Secondly, you need to consider the following when purchasing a pressure pump:

Flow rate: How much water can the pressure pump produce?

Pressure boost: How much pressure can the pump add to the existing water pressure?

Power: How much power does the pump require to operate?

All this information is available in flow charts and graphs that are unique for every pump. The professionals at Pascali can assist you in making the right choice for your application. To help them to help you make the right choice, be prepared to answer as many of the questions listed above as possible. 

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